• Danny G.,Real Estate Pro, Santa Monica, CA

As a senior loan officer I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients and just as many real estate agents. Helen Chong is a diamond in the rough within the real estate industry. Not only does she do a tremendous job at representing her clients needs throughout the process, she is also an excellent negotiator and an expert at understanding the real estate market. I highly recommend contacting Helen if you are in need of an ethical, charming and expert agent. I can assure you, like every other client that I have worked with that worked with Helen, you will be very happy with her service. Please feel free to contact me as a reference if you please. Daniel Gat, Senior Loan Officer (310) 434-1722

  • Megan R. , Seattle, WA, Buyer and Seller

Helen is intelligent, confident, and savvy.  She understands the nuance of home negotiating and knows how to push the envelope to get the absolute best for her clients.  Helen was our realtor both when we purchased our home in LA, and again when we sold it three years later.  Her understanding of how to pitch a home to garner interest payed off and we wound up getting thousands more than we expected; we actually got into a bidding war — in the middle of a recession.  We recently moved to Seattle and I’m disheartened that Helen can’t assist us up here with purchasing a home.  My husband and I literally discussed the possibility of flying her up to Seattle to as our realtor, but unfortunately, she’s not licensed in Washington (yet, hopefully!).  And yes, we did ask her.  We’re now having to deal with a humdrum realtor that doesn’t seem interested since our budget is humble.  Helen was ALWAYS available (and I do mean ALWAYS) even though our home in LA wasn’t a big ticket item.  DO NOT use any other realtor for your home buying or selling needs.  Helen is a one-stop shop and will not steer you wrong.  This is my first review on Yelp and I am pleased to make this recommendation.  I’d give her ten stars if I could.

  • Bert W., Pasadena, CA, First Time Home Buyer

I just bought my first condo! Helen really went above and beyond the call of duty to keep the ball rolling throughout the transaction. She even negotiated some uncommon terms with the seller to accommodate my needs – which REALLY made my life easier. She is super knowledgeable about the whole process and is really responsive – I threw a ton of questions at her and she quickly got back to be with an answer for every single one.

  • Teresa C., Torrance, CA, First Time Home Buyer

Buying my first property was no joke!  It felt like going into a maze and not knowing where to turn and when to turn, but with Helen’s expertise and knowledge it made me feel at ease.  She was there all the way through the end of the transaction.  She guided me on certain things that I needed to concentrate on and advised me on what to expect  through the process.   I am highly recommending Helen Chong Realtor – Haylen Group because not only did I gained an excellent Realtor, but also a friend.  Kudos to you Helen!  Keep up a good job!!!

  • Erin L., Pasadena, CA, Investor

I’ve worked with 3 different agents now on 3 different occasions and I have to say that Helen is the best.  I’m currently in the process of closing on a foreclosed property and it hasn’t been easy.  FNMA properties are a lot more complicated and require a lot more work.  Due to Helen’s knowledge and experience, she’s made the process as smooth as possible.  She’s extremely persistent and diligent, so she gets the most difficult tasks completed.  She’s also great with customer service and always responds to my emails and phone calls immediately.  Looking forward to working with her again.

  • PW, Client , Seller

Helen has been a pleasure to work with and she has made our daily tasks easier to manage. She has been very thorough with her marketing efforts and we have never had any delays or issues with her responsibilities. With so many agents out there claiming to be the best, it is refreshing to know that she minimizes the talk but let’s her actions speak for itself. A consummate professional who always puts her client’s interests first. I would refer Helen to anybody who’s in search of a true real estate professional in the greater LA and OC area.

  • Kent G, Whittier, CA, Investor

Working with Helen was a truly rewarding experience. Because of Helen’s vast knowledge and experience in “”The Art of the Deal”” and her ability to navigate the legal waters and stay the course with her trademark calmness and kindness, Helen was able to remove the fear factor from within me. This in turn allowed me the ability to exude a level of confidence in our negotiations with the Seller that was far beyond my actual skill level. Additionally, her attention to detail and her compassion for all concerned at the closing table was immeasurable. It is hard for me to imagine closing another Real Estate deal without her. Thank you Helen for providing your assistance that was above and beyond what I had come to believe and accept was the “Norm” for a Real Estate Agent. I honestly could not have purchased this property without you.


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