Company’s Mission

square-logo-2015-4-circleHaylen Group’s Story and Motto:

Haylen Group was founded by Helen Chong who had a vision to create financial independence for her clients through real estate. Haylen Group’s approach is to partner with clients, act and advise them with their best interest in mind through their real estate transaction. As a small real estate firm, we only work with agents  who share the same mission. We enjoy helping our clients become first time homeowners, first time investors  or first time sellers, by delivering exceptional service. Our agents are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by providing expert advice during every step of the transaction. We achieve great results best explained through our motto: RESEARCYH, ANALYZE, NEGOTIATE and CLOSE.


We know buying and selling a property is a very long process because it requires a lot of research. Whether it is research on the property, price, neighborhood, rate of return, schools, etc., Haylen Group doesn’t leave you doing all the research yourself. Our team is dedicated to help and guide you through this process. We always carry the best interest of our clients in mind.


Once we identify a purchase or sale opportunity, we help analyze the best possible strategy for the transaction.


Real Estate is typically the largest transaction in a person’s life, therefore, it is always a very emotional process. In addition, negotiations can be an even more emotional and uncomfortable experience. Haylen Group relieves you of this burden. We are skilled negotiators, actually enjoy it, and can help our clients get the best possible price.


We can be all of the above, but without being a strong closer, the deal does not exist.  We have an extremely strong team of closers with a 99.9% success rate in our transactions. We see ourselves as problem solvers, because real estate transactions can be delicate and complicated. We will seek resolution through any issue that may arise, so long as it meets the best interest of our clients.

I hope you can give us a chance to help you achieve your dream and try us out. We have a customer satisfaction guarantee and results driven approach.



We offer our clients a NO OBLIGATION and SATISFACTION GUARANTEE service, we do not ask our clients for any buyers broker agreement or long contracted listing agreement. We want to stay loyal and committed to you. But if for any reason you are not happy with our services, just let us know you want out! We want happy clients, and we treasure our relationships more than anything else!


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