Campbell Village Neighborhood Has a New Future-at Last


Helen828The Campbell Village neighborhood in the City of Campbell, just outside of San Jose, finally has a newly approved, future development plan in place. It has taken almost a year for residents and City council members to hash out enough of the details to come up with a viable plan. Much of Campbell Village has a rural feeling to it, something which many want to see retained. The San Jose Mercury has recently published an article highlighting the new plan, including a link to view the plan directly.

Since Campbell Village was first created back in the 1940s, development has occurred in different phases over the decades, resulting in many irregular shaped lots and certain residential streets without sidewalks and curbs, whiles others have had these standard features included. The lack of sidewalks in these areas is a major aspect which keeps the rural feeling of this urban village neighborhood, which was once a part of San Jose. The new plan seeks to provide a viable compromise with the desire to retain the character of the neighborhood, while allowing private owners to develop their property.

Helen8282Keeping homes to one-story is one way to help retain the current neighborhood character. There is concern with two-story homes coming in and taking away from the privacy which many homes currently have. To help encourage continued single-story home construction, and keep remodeling projects to one floor, there has been a buildable increase in lot coverage for primary and secondary dwellings incorporated into the plan. This includes some new rear setback rules, which will allow for buildings on parcels to be situated between 5-20 feet from the rear boundary, depending on which zoning district a property is located.

This focus on one-story homes is a common housing feature in our region. With the prevalence of Eichler homes across Santa Clara County, there are several communities seeking to keep residential homes to a one-story maximum. Of large concern for many is the perception that privacy is lost when single-story homes have two-story dwellings built right next to them. There can also be a loss of light and visual aesthetics for these properties. The new plan for Campbell Village will help this neighborhood retain this regional residential characteristic, which many home owners prefer.

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