Virtual Bike Route Scout Helps Silicon Valley Cyclists

Bike(H)More and more people are riding bikes, seeking the benefits of this type of transportation. With more bikes on the road comes a greater need to share the road and work together so everyone can ride and drive safely. In their efforts to promote cycling awareness and safe practices, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) has released a new tool on its website that is sure to please cyclists from all over the region. The Virtual Bike Route Scout app is designed to work with user input to take bike route maps to a whole new level.

With this new app from the SVBC, cyclists can search for the best routes to go from point A to point B, based on what other cyclists provide about their own experiences. While you can find bike routes on a variety of sources, this new app is more than a map. There is more to consider when cycling, such as routes with more or less vehicle traffic, construction projects that affect bike routes, and the condition of bike lanes. With the virtual scout application, users can let others know the best way to ride with ease and safety. It is the human touch that makes the difference with this new app. When you search for a good route that you can take, you are getting information from people who have actually ridden the bike routes and know great shortcuts or which areas are best avoided.

Currently the system covers bike trails in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. If this takes off as much as the coalition expects it to, more areas could be added. The Virtual Bike Route Scout was created in response to visitors to the coalition’s website. The majority of users have been using the map resources to plan out their bike trips. Now, with the scouting app, you can get more personalized information to help plan your ride.

This is great news, considering the area is seeing a big increase in the number of cyclists. With the need for alternative transportation growing each year, and communities such as San Jose focusing on creating an urban village for residents, commuters and visitors, bicycles are in use by more people every day. The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s mission is to promote bicycle safety and a healthier lifestyle through cycling. With events such as Bike to Work (the 22nd Annual Bike to Work day is set for May 12),or Bike to School days, they have been able to engage more riders on the road toward pedal power.

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