Basement Renovations with Big Impact

If you own a home with an unfinished basement, this is one place that can give you a great return on your investment when you renovate, especially if you are planning to sell your home. According to Remodeling Magazine, basement upgrades bring up to a 72.8% return on average. When it comes to selling your home, with a finished basement you can also add official square footage to your property that will enhance your listing. There are several ways you can renovate your basement that can make a big impact without a huge cost. Listed below are some of the best basement projects for your home.

One of the big drawbacks to basements in general is that they can attract mold and the nasty smell that comes with it. This happens with rooms built underground, unless you take some steps to prevent it. Before you begin renovating your basement, check for any possible mold infiltration and have it removed. A common place for mold to grow is between the walls and the foundation. One such alternative is to use a mold-resistant sheetrock to help prevent this issue from occurring, or returning.

The flooring in your basement can make a big impact with ease. Most basements had the foundational cement and often not much more. If you are renovating your space for regular use, providing a good floor will make the area more inviting. Wall to wall carpet is one of the quickest and budget friendly options for a basement. To ensure you don’t have to replace the entire thing should water come in, modular carpet tile is a great alternative, as these carpets can be taken out and replaced in sections so you need only make repairs not full replacements.

Another big concern with basement renovations is light. Being partially or completely underground, these areas often have little natural light. Adding in an egress window will not only provide an escape route from fire, but these large windows can also bring in a lot of light. If you are planning to make part of your basement a guest room or even an apartment, an egress window will be a must. You can also lighten up the space with a variety of lighting fixtures, coupled with lighter wood accents, you can create an airy, lighter feel to this underground space. Paint will also lend a hand to keep your basement renovation on the lighter side. A lighter, neutral shade will not only make a big impact in your basement, but will also aid in staging your home when it comes time to sell.

Basements are great multi-functional spaces. When you renovate this space, keep this in mind as you plan your project. While we see many a home theater in basements now, you can never go wrong with a guest room or office added in. Extra rooms in a basement are a great selling points for many buyers, but if you keep the main part of the basement open, you will have a great area for family activities, entertaining and more. Spaces like this help encourage their use, and the buyers can see more potential when viewing your space. If your basement renovation provides multiple functions you can make a big impact and get a great return on your investment.

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