Ways to Make Your Home Less Attractive for Break-Ins

Home break-ins happen all over the world, and it has happened more often in some parts of California. There are ways to make your home less of a target and harder for intruders to break into. The San Jose Police Department has some great tips, and I have listed a few below.

  1. Set indoor lamps on timers. This is so when you are away, it still appears as if somebody is home.
  2. Have motion detectors on your outside lights.
  3. Trim all shrubs and trees away from your home. These can give potential intruders cover to hide behind.
  4. Lock your windows and doors! This seems simple, but a lot of people fail to check locks before they leave for the day, or go to bed.
  5. Install deadbolts on all exterior doors. Handle locks alone are easily broken into.
  6. If you don’t have timers for your lamps, leave lights on in your home while you are away.
  7. Close your garage door, and lock it. This prevents intruders from just walking right in without being noticed.
  8. Get a security system. There are a lot of companies that offer free installation with a contract, or a special rate if you pay for installation.
  9. Set your alarm. A lot of people who have alarm systems don’t even set them because it is a hassle. It will not work if it is not armed!
  10. Alarm company decals and signs outside of your home can deter intruders.
  11. If you are going out of town, stop mail and newspaper services so it doesn’t pile up.
  12. Sliding glass doors are easily broken into. Use extra locks and precautions such as a lock bar to prevent intrusion.
  13. Store bikes, grills, and lawnmowers out of sight if you don’t have a shed.
  14. If you do have a shed, make sure it is locked.
  15. Put curtains up on basement and garage windows.
  16. When you purchase or move into a new home, change all of the exterior locks.
  17. A lot of newer windows have security tabs or pins that you can pull out to keep your window from opening more than a few inches. You can go to the site posted above for information on how to install your own if your windows don’t have them.

For more information on these tips, visit the San Jose Police Department.

The following are some tips that we have in addition to those above.

  1. Do not leave the house at the same time everyday. It may be hard, but you don’t want intruders to know of your schedule. Many intruders actually study your pattern before they break into your home.
  2. When you leave your home, pretend to wave or say goodbye to somebody so it looks as if somebody is still home. This may sound silly, but as already mentioned, most intruders observe your home for a period of time, and strike when you leave the home.
  3. Always pays attention to your surroundings and your neighborhood. If you see suspicious people sitting in a car in your area, please notify the police.
  4. You can install dummy cameras around your home for very little money. It looks like a real camera, but spending this small amount of money can scare away some attempts.
  5. Install solar lawn lights to make your home look brighter, and therefore harder for intruders to hide.

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