Does Your Agent Know How to Market Your Home?


Are you considering selling your home in California? Do you know how to make sure your agent is marketing your home right? I have some things to look for. Additional information can be found at About Home.

It is important for your agent to know the right way to market your home to sell. The most important thing is a first impression, as in most situations. There are discounted services available, but could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in the end. Here are the things to look for while you are choosing a listing agent.


Figure 1 Real pic from a current listing on

Pictures are vital to selling your home. Not just any pictures, they need to be good pictures. To get the phone to ring, your home needs to be presented in good form from the start. What does the picture say about your home?

Most buyers search online prior to calling their agent, and pick out homes that they like from the pictures. If there are no pictures, or the pictures are dark, dreary, or of an unknown purpose, the buyer will most likely pass your house by.

Pictures to Make the Phone Ring!

  • Front of the house pictures: crop out streets, have an empty driveway, have good lighting, and the shrubs and yard should be neat.
  • Yard pictures: neat and trim, no toys in the pictures, and face away from the sun to remove glares.
  • Interior: open curtains and bright lights, take pictures of all rooms, highlight home features such as a renovated kitchen or nice fireplace, and avoid mirrors.

Virtual tours are now commonplace, but you will make a big difference if you use an agent who can do video tours of your home. This allows the prospective buyers to have a “virtual open house” anytime they want online. The video tour should show the floor plan of the house, as if you are walking through the house yourselves. This makes it possible for so many out of town buyers to buy a home even if they are not in town!

There are also multiple ways to advertise your home. Verify which avenues your agent plans to take in advance so that you aren’t disappointed. Most buyers search online; make sure your agent uses all opportunities for online advertisements, listings, direct mail options, and signage. Hosting an agent tour in your home can also get other local agents interested in selling your home to one of their clients. Open houses are also a good way to get your home known in the area, but be sure to talk to your agent about proper safety measures while hosting an open house.

When you are ready to buy or sell your home, we at Haylen Group are here to help you with all of your real estate needs! If you are unsure what your options are, call Helen Chong at (408) 800-LIST or email at You can also visit us at our website for available listings and additional information.


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