Making Your Home Ready for the Holidays


It is that time of year again! Lights everywhere, Christmas music in every store, and sales galore in California. Holiday cheer is everywhere but are you and your home ready? There are ways to prepare your home so it is ready for anything, especially holiday guests!

Home Advisor has some great tips and a checklist on how to get your home ready. Here are some of their tips.

You want your home to be inviting and safe, so it is important to make sure that all of your lights outside work and are turned on when it is dark out. Plan ahead and have a designated spot inside for wet shoes and coats.

Clean your windows and carpets if necessary. Doing this basic sprucing up can make a huge difference in the impression your home makes on others. If you are putting up outdoor decorations, now is the time. With clean windows they will be seen great from inside.

Guests will most likely use your bathroom while there, so make it as presentable as possible. If the grout needs cleaned, it might be worth replacing it. Add some holiday cheer to the room with seasonal décor. Your bathroom fan and lights should be in working order and your bathroom stocked with extra towels and washcloths.

Your kitchen will be the gathering place, so it should be clean and organized. Open up as much counter space as possible by storing small appliances or replacing yours with under-cabinet appliances. A kitchen island will also be helpful if counter space is limited.

If you are having overnight guests, prepare your guest room. Stock it with clean linens, nice pillows and drawer or closet space. Add an end table with a lamp and alarm clock and your guests will feel comfortable.

Making your guests feel at home will be easy with these tips. Remember to enjoy your holidays and make time for friends and family.

When you are ready to buy or sell your home, we at Haylen Group are here to help you with all of your real estate needs! If you are unsure what your options are, call Helen Chong at (408) 800-LIST or email at You can also visit us at our website for available listings and additional information.


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